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Angelo's Avatar
20 Apr 2015 16:12
Mooring and Achoring Fees; Outrageous Increases?? I copied this from The St. John Source... VERY glad that the Sanes/DPNR plan to have DPNR be able to set the rates without any kind of oversite was NOT approved!!! The Committee on Government Services, Consumer and Veterans Affairs on Wednesday rejected...
sjcf's Avatar
16 Apr 2015 21:31
Parking in Cruz Bay, Ugh! ...from Gerry Hills letter to the Editor, I have sent a copy of this letter to the people mentioned in it. Comments regarding the gravel public lot in Cruz Bay, and news that the Port Authority is planning to turn the lot into paid parking. To receive a...

St. John Nonprofit Agency Spotlight

Category: Youth Development
“KATS”, KIDS AND THE SEA St. John, is a non profit marine organization which promotes kids safely having fun on the water, through an educational program taught by volunteers. By doing so it brings together the Virgin Islands’ greatest human resource - its youth - and its...
St John Revolving Fund Charitable Trust
Applications available at Connections in Cruz Bay or Coral Bay.
OLMC Kallaloo Kitchen serves meals to the homeless and less fortunate at noon Mondays and Fridays in the church's Guadalupe Hall.
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