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JLloyd85's Avatar
27 May 2015 02:32
Boys & Girls Club for St. John! Dear Celia, I am interested in being part of the steering committee. My uncle lives on Saint John, and I am currently in Vietnam, finishing up an internship. I am a macro social worker with experience developing supportive programs and working with...
Celia's Avatar
18 May 2015 21:38
Disaster Readiness Sign up for the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency’s VIALERT to closely track the path of impending storms and actions that are being taken by the local government. log on to to register to receive emergency alerts on...

St. John Nonprofit Agency Spotlight

Florida Aquaculture Foundation was founded on the principle of developing economic empowerment (helping financially disadvantage people, particularly in the rural areas) through education and training in aquaculture and related fields, such as agriculture, aquaponics, and hydroponics. We also believe in promoting an awareness of aquaculture education and responsible farming...
Category: Youth Development
Since 1980, St. John School of the Arts (SJSA), a non-profit community arts school, has been dedicated to offering children and adults in the community the opportunity to receive the highest quality of instruction in arts education, encompassing dance, music, theater and art.
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