The St. John Community Foundation is committed to collaboratively identifying and addressing community needs to enhance St. John; A True Paradise in which to live, work and visit!

 In response to Hurricane Irma please consider a tax-deductible donation to the St. John Community Foundation
or The Red Cross or one of the island's many deserving nonproft organizations
Check them out on our Angel Network for  more details...Or write in the memo line of your donation if you would like your support to be directed toward a specific organization or purpose and we will make that happen!



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22 Sep 2017 08:01
Alternating dumbbell curls bad? Hi there, Is alternating the hands as I curl bad? I can get 35lbs for hand doing the alternating curls, but when I do BB curls for the same reps I can only get 65-70lbs on the bar. Is this odd or can I get more with the DB because it’s...
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22 Sep 2017 07:59
Can some women get bulky without steroids? Hi there, I think there is a smaller percentage of women that can get bulky lifting weights without steroids. I know because i think i am one of them. I’ve had people tell me i should do bodybuilding, i had someone tell me that i had a gymnast’s body....

St. John Nonprofit Agency Spotlight

Category: Youth Development
“KATS”, KIDS AND THE SEA St. John, is a non profit marine organization which promotes kids safely having fun on the water, through an educational program taught by volunteers. By doing so it brings together the Virgin Islands’ greatest human resource - its youth - and its...
We have a responsibility to our community and to the environment that we all share to ensure that our behavior and actions continue to have a positive impact. We strive to be proactive, responsive, and collaborative as we focus on: · Reducing waste...
The St. John Historical Society is your starting place for exploring the people, places and events that shaped the history of St. John. Whether you are conducting research, preparing a lesson plan, looking for something fun to do, a history buff who appreciates rare documents and photos, or...
This society is based on St John. The main goal of VIAS is to foster an appreciation for the wildlife in the VI and Caribbean and to protect the habitats. Education is a large component of this effort.
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