The St. John Community Foundation is committed to collaboratively identifying and addressing community needs to enhance St. John; A True Paradise in which to live, work and visit!

 In response to Hurricane Irma please consider a tax-deductible donation to the St. John Community Foundation
or The Red Cross or one of the island's many deserving nonproft organizations
Check them out on our Angel Network for  more details...Or write in the memo line of your donation if you would like your support to be directed toward a specific organization or purpose and we will make that happen!



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Yesterday 11:48
Any update on removal of gil limit for world trans Hii... I'm really itching to transfer to a JP data center for better ping but the 20 million Gil limit is preventing me from doing so because I will lose a lot of it. I've been scouting to see what I can buy and resell but it's not looking very good....
JensenBreck's Avatar
Yesterday 11:47
Odin Statue No Longer Available? Hii... What's the meaning of this? Why is the Odin statue no longer obtainable? From what you said at Fanfest it seemed like the statue would be available in the store indefinitely. It was only available for 6 months. Is there a reason this statue along...

St. John Nonprofit Agency Spotlight

The purpose of the Fund is to provide monies for St John residents who are cancer patients that appeal to the St John Cancer Fund for assistance. Excluding the payment of airfare and medical prescription costs, which are covered in the US Virgin Islands by the American Cancer Society,...
The Rotary Club of St John was chartered May 21, 1999 and has grown to a rather steady 25-30 member club. We meet every Wednesday at noon for lunch and fellowship at the Ocean Grill Restaurant in Mongoose Junction. There, in the lovely open air setting, we add...
Category: Youth Development
These scholarships honor the memory of Ruby Rutnik of St. John who would have been 40 years old, April 9, had she not died tragically in an auto accident at the tender age of 21. For 17 years, with the encouragement and support of the Virgin...
Category: Youth Development
As St. John's only preschool through high school program and the island's only high school, Gifft Hill School plays a critical role in our community. We believe that quality education should be available to any child who exhibits the will and ability to work to Gifft Hill School standards;...
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