The results of our survey to determine St. John priority needs are in!

Youth: Guy Benjamin Community Center Development, Increasing Non-Sport Youth Program availability, Business and Professional Mentoring/Job Shadowing and Internship opportunities...

Health & Human Services: Adult Education Opportunities, Improved Public Transportation, Senior Assisted Living and Supportive Services, and a Community Health Insurance Plan/Affordable Health Care...

Community Enrichment: City Planning (To incorporate vendors plaza, boardwalk & more), Community Performance Pavillion and Meeting Space, Downtown Shuttle...

Environment & Animal Welfare: Development of a consolidated island-wide Recycling Plan, Island Beautification (including dumpster maintenance & litter control), Community Garden & Food/Farmers Co-op...

What can we do to make St. John a better place??? Speak up and take action!!! Go to the community Forum by clicking on the SPEAK UP link on the side of the page and click on the GET INVOLVED link to take action!



Seniors at SenateA program of the St. John Community Foundation since 1992!

Last year the seniors went to the Senate to voice their concern that the drastic cut in funding allotted for the St. John transportation and supportive services was going to result in the closure of the program... no other agency provides this array vital services and the senators responded by reinstating the funding to this program run by the St. John Community Foundation for 20 years. We are all grateful that the allotments seem to be in order for this year so the seniors, disabled and disadvantaged residents and visitors to St. John will be taken care of....we will keep you posted!

Read more: St. John Dial-A-Ride Transportation Services

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