careerWith a grant from the Department of Labor and generous support of UVI's St. John Academic Center, The Life Skills and Career Development summer program was a big success! The 4 week curriculum included the OASIS-3 occupational aptitude and Interest Schedule to measure 12 interest factors directly related to the occupations listed in the Guide of Occupational Exploration. Students were able to systematically compare their aptitudes and interests to over 2,500 jobs. They selected 3-5 potential job titles they’d like to add to their Career Portfolio and then we really got to work!

We helped the youth determine what they would need to study to acheive their career choices, and then researched the colleges best suited for those degrees. They found out what the tuition would be and how they might be able to find grants and scholorships to attend the schools of their choice.

Using the Life Wheel and R-Factor training, we introduced the six main skills that enable a person to respond effectively to life events. They learned how to handle the R in the Event + Response = Outcome equation. After identifying the outcomes they want in various areas of life management, we helped them develop a "3 to Thrive" list of things they can do RIGHT NOW to make their ideal goals.

In preparation for local job shadowing we shared various tips on professionalism; the importance of punctuality and attendance; telephone etiquette and other qualities that make people valuable in the workforce. The information on teamwork that stressed the importance of integrity, problem solving and decision making were also skills and principles to be used in all areas of life; in and out of the working environment.

A special thanks to the following Job Shadowing Hosts and Guest Speakers! Clarence Scipio, Evanna Chinnery, Lonnie WIllis, Linda Lohr, Brummel Germain, Lincoln Liburd, Choice Communications, Grapevine, Love City Car Ferries, High Tide, AT&T Post Net, Judith Whitley and the Health Connection, Boutique 212, Happy Fish, Cruz Bay Trading Company, Catered To! Your support of these youth and the community is such a valued contribution - Thanks for all you do!

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