The thrust of the Waste Management Authority's Community Enrichment Grant Award is the trucking services which now provide supportive island-wide bin maintenance and reliable shipment to St. Thomas’ Sanitation Trash Services, where the cans are crushed and transported out of the Virgin Islands. No more cans piling up at the bins and at the collection site! The St. John recycling story is one of success. The accomplishments are well beyond what anyone would have hoped for, and the entire effort, with help from VIWMA funding, has been completely volunteer! As of the end of 2011, in-kind volunteer donations in time, equipment and materials will have surpassed $350,000! The outcome is that the current recycling program continues to thrive and expand, and a renewed sense of upward movement will maintain existing volunteers and gain new ones.

"We share the Community Enrichment Grant goals of increasing awareness, beautification and resource recovery in the Virgin Islands, and establishing long term environmental protection projects that will have a sustained impact on the environment." said Celia Kalousek, SJCF Director, "This movement towards a variety of reduce, reuse, recycling and environmental concentrations has is part of the goals of the St. John Community Foundation's GoGreenVI effort, and we feel that now is the time to move on new initiatives given the success of aluminum can recycling program. When many felt, and some still do, that these kinds of initiatives are difficult, and even impossible, in the VI, with community support we have already proven otherwise and will continue to do so. We have already changed minds and raised awareness."

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