SJCF plans to build a simple office up on the 2.3 acres on Gifft Hill next to Bellvue donated to SJCF beginning early 2013.

The long term intention is to build a facility that will be an Cultural Community Center, and provide St. John with a place of assembly and education, offices for community and civic groups, conference areas, and a place of serenity; a place of history, culture and art.

We envision a museum quality building containing local artifacts, historical archives and local art; a traditional theater and movie house for live performances and film presentations; A park where locals and tourists could go to rest, picnic, meet and garden; the grounds contain ruins which have a rich history and will be preserved as a place of historical significance. This center is needed to enhance the tourist experience, build community pride, provide jobs, increase commerce, showcase local artists and experimental design through the use of alternative energy methods and enrich the whole community.

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