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We are anxiously awaiting word on several grants from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Forestry on proposals that include the installation of a local fruit orchard, additional paths and reforestation efforts around the ruins. The property up on Gifft Hill is recorded as an historical site and former home to the Beverhoudtsburg family dating back to the late 1700’s. The land is 2.3 acres and contains many tall indigenous trees (mostly turpentine and some mahogany) and a rich variety of native perennial plants. We envision a merging of history, nature and art as we look forward to developing a public garden park, while being sensitive to the flora and fauna currently, with paths being laid out as you read this!.

The overall plan for this property includes the preservation of native trees and plantings and community gardens. The Department of Forestry provided a grant for 1st phase of paths and installation of 40 trees and we are waiting to hear about funding for the next phase that will include the installation of a labyrinth.
Traditional caribbean gardening techniques will be taught and used as the best practice for this project. It is contemplated that additional gardening instruction will come from UVI extension instructors, especially in regard to the cultural aspects of caribbean gardening.

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