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TOPIC: Where to go for cancer support...

Where to go for cancer support... #1

1. St. John Cancer Fund (Mary Bartolucci 774-1484): Easy to process via email. You can download a funding request form from

2. American Cancer Society: (Loraine Ba or Christine Aubain: 775-5373) Clients have to go through an intake process/interview and provide medical documents - They typically do not reimburse but instead prefer to make and pay for travel expenses generated from their office directly.

3. VI Cancer Support: Charlene Keogh 715-5806 (they have recently started saying that if you are getting support form STJ Cancer Fund you cannot access these funds, but it is worth trying)

4. St. John Revolving Fund: (Cid at Connections 776-6922) This is a fund that is normally a loan and is to be paid back as client is able. People can also donate to this fund in someone's name.

5. Friends Helping Friends (Laurie Crandall 779-1804 ...This fund is for a wider range of assistance... email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
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