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With EPA closing the dumps, STJ has to figure out what to do with its solid waste! Much of the problem can be solved by Recycling!!!

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Photovoltaic panel system to provide power to operate the aluminum can compactor/baler so it will be completely off grid

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looking4Joel1's Avatar
Looking for friend Joel Jackson *St. John USVI I have been looking for my friend Joel Jackson he lives on St. John I can't get through on his phone and I have been checking the Red Cross web site Does anyone have any suggestions on somewhere else I can look? Thank...
sjcf's Avatar
Parking in Cruz Bay, Ugh! ...from Gerry Hills letter to the Editor, I have sent a copy of this letter to the people mentioned in it. Comments regarding the gravel public lot in Cruz Bay, and news that the Port Authority is planning to turn the lot into paid parking. To receive a...
Celia's Avatar
Continuing the rich legacy of VI culture! Kudos to St. John Historical Society, VI Park and Friends for partnering on a America's Best Idea grant from the National Park Foundation. This "Passing the Torch" grant is a follow up to the annual Folk Life Festival. Local cultural guests have been...
Norm's Avatar
Government Spending? They need to pay their Bills! about having the EDC companies who are saving loads of money by doing business here, and using our roads and infrastructure, pay into the system. I know it is beneficial to have them employing our residents who are then able to pay taxes and...
Norm's Avatar
Cruz Bay PUBLIC Multipurpose Center ...and put it right where IRB/DMV is now and include parking and elevate the tennis courts. We need it IN CRUZ Bay so when the kids come off the school boat from St. Thomas they have a place to go! This could also be used for the performing arts, for...
Norm's Avatar
Road Improvements! Rte 10 & Mandhal to L'Esperance We can no longer ride the donkey trails! Give us real roads! 20 years ago Rocky Liburd as Senator tried to get St. John roads in proper repair. Mandhal to L'Esperance is one of the old colonial roads which makes it a government road and does not belong...
VOAD-STJ's Avatar
St. John needs a Town Council Local businesses can do so much if they get together and approach our community issues with one powerful voice! We could collaborate on things that will improve business for the Hop-on-Hop-off Downtown Shuttle! This has the potential to...
VOAD-STJ's Avatar
Hop-On-Hop-Off Downtown Shuttle I first heard the idea of a downtown shuttle at the 2013 Community Impact Meeting and thought it was a great idea! A fixed loop route from the public gravel parking lot to the ferry & taxi stands around to the Wharfside Village Shops, to Mongoose Shopping...
sjcf's Avatar
Cruz Bay Round-About Center Piece!! Calling all artists and people who would like to see something beautiful in the center of the Cruz Bay Round-About! This is one place that almost everyone who visits the island will see and it is empty!...but it does not have to be...we have a $2000 fund...
Angelo's Avatar
What Happened to the STJ Capitol Improvement Fund? I just read in the St. John Source that the St. John Capitol Improvement fund is not only depleted but that it has millions of dollars of encumbrances...were those MILLIONS spent on St. John??? ...and I don't just mean paying for our trash pick up which in...

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