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ACC needs a vehicle to pick up stray animals, transport animals to and from the vet, picking up supplies in St. Thomas and more! The shelter managers island Suzuki is just not up to the job!

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Environment & Animal Welfare

...ideally either an SUV or a four door vehicle....details or questions call Shelter Manager Ryan at 774-1625

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MichelleMWelk's Avatar
Steps in the right direction... Starfish Market's recent conversion from plastic bags (they were ahead of the game on that too, using "green" bags) to paper or reusable is huge and deserves major props. According to the recent proposed legislation from Governor Mapp, it may not be too much...
's Avatar
Consejos para la soldadura fuerte de aluminio Image Link Cualquier persona puede tener la capacidad de de aluminio para la venta en línea soldadura y reparar con facilidad y rapidez. Sin embargo, sólo unos pocos pueden llevar a cabo las más fuertes y más confiables de soldadura de...
sjcf's Avatar
Recycle 80% of your waste! Did you attend last night's Town Hall Meeting with VIWMA? Get Trashed St. John has a quick run-down on their Facebook page of the take-aways for those who missed it. While it is very important that we continue to hold the government and relevant...
sjcf's Avatar
Plastic Bags: Ban Them or Get Birodegradable Ones? Dan Boyd's latest column in the Tradewinds (2/8-2/21) focuses on Gov. Mapp's State of the Territory address. The governor highlighted plans for a Waste Reduction Program that will include "recycling, composting, a beverage and container deposit law, a trash...
sjcf's Avatar
Donkey Aid (Save our Asses!) The Animal Care Center and Coral Bay Coral's Dana and Caneel Bay's Oriel are all doing their part to make sure the Donkeys around the island are fed, watered and taken care of. Kudos to all of these folks and everyone who supports them in their efforts. If...
Angelo's Avatar
Mooring and Achoring Fees; Outrageous Increases?? I copied this from The St. John Source... VERY glad that the Sanes/DPNR plan to have DPNR be able to set the rates without any kind of oversite was NOT approved!!! The Committee on Government Services, Consumer and Veterans Affairs on Wednesday rejected...
sjcf's Avatar
Cruz Bay Land Use - Improvements & Revitalization! Please join us at the VI Legislature Building in Cruz Bay on Monday March 23rd at 6pm... copy this link and send it to everyone you know...
sjcf's Avatar
Biodegradeable To Go Containers I found pricing for a local option and will check into direct purchasing from a few sources in the states that we may be able to order bulk...but even as it stands the cost is less than you may think! Biodegradable To Go Bags: Merchants Market has these...
Celia's Avatar
ACC Building Repairs Call me and lets work on the details of the items you need to hurricane proof the shelter. If you let us know how much chain link fencing and the specific other supplies needed, we may be able to acquire them! We can put the items on the wish list and it will...
Celia's Avatar
Dumpster Divas & Dudes! Gift Hill Homeowner Association adopted the big bin site on Gifft Hill road and it looks awesome! They took it upon themselves to make a sign about what goes (and more importantly what does NOT go in) and what needs to go to the Susannaberg transfer station....

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