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Concrete and Fencing for Bus Parking Area St. John Dial-A-Ride

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The St.John Dial-A-Ride Buses need a secured parking area so they stays safe and ready to serve the elderly, disabled and disadvantaged on St. John. We have the property and just need help with the supplies and installation! Thank you for considering helping keep these vital services readily available!

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Concrete Materials required for 40 x 30 parking pad: 4777 Kg of cement (96 nos. of 50 kg bag of cement), Sand: 168 cubic ft, Stone: 336 cubic ft Fencing for Total footage = 130 feet (plus gates with posts spaced a maximum of 10.00' apart. •150' - 6' high x 11-1/2ga. chain link fabric (2-1/4x11-1/2x72GAW), 50' roll $411.09 •147' - 1-3/8'' x 21' x .065 Swedged End Pipe - Green $173.39 •8 - 2'' x 8' x .065 Cut Post - Green $121.20 •100 - Pigtail Tie Wire fits 2'' post - Green - Bag of 100 $14.50 •100 - Pigtail Tie Wire fits 1-5/8'' post - Green - Bag of 100 $14.50 •8 - 2'' x 1-3/8'' Loop Cap - Green $22.08 •6 - 2-1/2'' x 8' x .065 Cut Post - Green $108.78 •6 - 2-1/2'' Post Cap - Green $18.18 •2 - 10' Wide x 6' High Residential Chain Link Double Swing Gate - Green Vinyl $736.94 •8 - 2-1/2'' Male Strap Hinge - Green $42.32 •8 - 1-3/8'' Female Strap Hinge - Green $27.36 •8 - carriage bolt/hex. nut 3/8'' x 3'' $4.08 •8 - carriage bolt/hex. nut 3/8'' x 2'' $3.36 • - 1-3/8'' Fork Latch Clamp - Green $0.00 • - 2-1/2'' Fork - Green $0.00 •0 - carriage bolt/hex. nut 5/16'' x 1-1/4'' $0.00 •2 - 1-3/8'' Residential Drop Rod - Green $55.82 •10 - 2-1/2'' Beveled Brace Band - Green $17.50 •10 - 1-3/8'' Rail End Cup - Green $21.20 •10 - 72'' x 5/8'' Tension Bar - Green $83.60 •50 - 2-1/2'' Beveled Tension Band - Green $102.00 •60 - carriage bolt/hex. nut 5/16'' x 1-1/4'' $10.80

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