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Odin Statue No Longer Available? Hii... What's the meaning of this? Why is the Odin statue no longer obtainable? From what you said at Fanfest it seemed like the statue would be available in the store indefinitely. It was only available for 6 months. Is there a reason this statue along...
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Level A Warlock or Rogue? Hii... A good friend recently came back to Wow and we're looking for something to do together. I can't decide what class to level from start to finish, keep in mind I have a boost available that I was debating using on a rogue. I would definitely want to...
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chat question ps4 Hii... so i was trying to make a video on chivalry medieval warfare when about half way through recording i realized everyone in the game could hear me despite thee fact that i made a private party so they couldn't i checked on uncharted multiplayer and...
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Data Usage Spiking? Hii... Its weird, the data that my phone has been consuming for shadow verse has been roughly about 1 MB every 1.5-2 hours but now Im suddenly using 5MB every half hour or so. I don't know if its just my phone but has anyone else experienced...
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Unstable pitch angle Hii... I have been trying to trim my addons in order to obtain a stable, even a steady pitch angle, to have a smooth cruise path. What I constantly have is that the planes go pitch up and imediately pitch down, like nodding to someone outside the...
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Bring the Oceanic server back. Hii... Don't do this. Don't pretend as if connecting us to the US West will yield similar pings. It's objectively false and isn't up for debate. The net code is complete ***-tier and there is a noticeable delay with actions in-game which I shouldn't have...
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don't they ever get sick of fighting? Hii... Iraqi government forces and the Kurds have been fighting together for ages to overcome IS and take back Mosul. That’s been accomplished. But rather than move on and establish peace from this, they have now turned on each other over a referendum...
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Surface attached to front of microwave? Hii... I have a spare Surface pro and I was considering attaching it to the front of my microwave. Its just a useful space and I never watch the food spinning around inside it. Would it be a bad idea? I've considered the interference from the...
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Today's IS6 mission broken? Hii... Is it me, or is today's IS6 mission not working? I just came second (in an SU-122-44) in both damage and xp, and no progress on today's IS6 mission (got the TR daily point). Did the American one no problem earlier. Any idea what's going...
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COST-EFFICIENT WAY TO FIGHT HE IN SP? Hii... I play as the DE in Mortal Empires. HE are definitely the most annoying faction to play against in SP, purely because of the type of units they bring. A typical army of mine consists of Death Hag on a cauldron, Sorceress, 7 Black Guards to hold...

Youth Development - Volunteer Opportunities

Date or Days Volunteers Needed: now thru October 13th
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Date or Days Volunteers Needed: anytime

Youth Development - Wish List

Amount: $575.00
Amount: $2,000.00
Amount: $70,000.00
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