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The Love City Pan Dragons Youth Steel Orchestra is the only steel band on St John and can serve up to thirty members elementary through high school in a band that has provided exciting music at many events year-round for the last twenty years.

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The Love City Pan Dragons is a 501-c-3 nonprofit steel band for young people of St John. With the exception of our professional instructor and pan tuner, the band support system is all-volunteer. Our instructor, Ikema Dyer, comes twice a week from St Thomas and is highly regarded in the Virgin Islands steel pan community and in his home island of Antigua, where he serves each July as captain for Cool and Smooth Ebonites Steel Orchestra.

Youth Development - Forum Posts

lshersh's Avatar
HEAD START PROGRAMS ON ST JOHN I'm a 4-6 month 'snowbird' but would like to start a discussion about improving the educational services for St John children- primarily through Head Start. There is one HS program in Cruz Bay wwith 20 (maximum) children- ages 3-5. This is an excerpt...
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Mentoring & Job Shadowing: Makes Sense The 2015 Business Employer Survey had some illuminating insights into trends for hiring. One of the top strategic considerations that came from the results? The development of certificate training and apprenticeship programs in needed fields. A job...
ddoeling's Avatar
Boys & Girls Club for St. John! I will be spending a month down there in October and would love to be a part of this. Please let me know what needs to be done ahead of time, and also, what I can do when I am down there. St. John kids are my passion! Dean Doeling Using Sport For Social...
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New School At the May 26th Town Hall meeting with VINP, Supt. FitzGerald said the proverbial ball is in the new Governor's court and that the property processing needs to be done by them. The new Commissioner of EDU, Dr. Sharon Ann McCollum said things are on hold while...
CiaraWells2's Avatar
Rotary's Interact Group Activities Yes, JESS, Gift Hill and Guy H. Benjamin Schools were included in the first Interact Club on St. John. The students had a wonderful year performing community projects, see the Helipad at MKSC, and in-school activities. Many of the students have moved on to...
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Possible Mentors St. John Meeting of the Women Striving for Success set for Friday, April 11th! This is not only about women striving for their own success, but about the success of all members of the community. Looking for a mentor? Want to be a mentor? ...Call 340-693-9410...
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Man Up! Conference should be a quarterly event!! The Man Up Conference is on for today in St. Thomas! As reported in the Source, yesterday at STX's event, UVI President David Hall called those in attendance lucky, saying that if they allowed the process of the conference to work itself on them and they...

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Date or Days Volunteers Needed: anytime

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