St. John’s Angels are Weathering the Storm

It’s been over two months now since back-to-back Category 5 Hurricanes Irma and Maria tore through St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, devastating homes, businesses and the land. Despite being in complete darkness and without water for several weeks, the spirit of the local people has proven to be resilient in times of adversity.
One of the primary concerns following the hurricanes was having medical care available to the St. John community. With power lines down and extreme flooding throughout the area, medical buildings were suddenly uninhabitable. In some cases, medical providers were forced to do in-home visits to keep up with patients’ needs. After losing their space to the wrath of Maria, the Island Health and Wellness Center, a well-known nonprofit medical practice in St. John and member of the St. John Angel Network, was eventually able to move into a new clinic location at a 50% higher rent cost only after receiving a $15,000 donation from the St. John Community Foundation.
St. John Island Wellness Center
It wasn’t just people that needed assistance, animals were desperate for help, too. When residents on the island were encouraged to evacuate, many of their pets were abandoned with no support. Fortunately, St. John’s Animal Care Center, another nonprofit member of the St. John Angel Network, stayed behind to help relocate the dogs and cats in their shelter, as well as “community” donkeys and horses that needed aid. The care center worked in coordination with the International Fund for Animal Welfare to deliver aid and nearly 3,000 pounds of food to the animals of St. John.
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St. John truly is the little island that could. We feel honored and so proud that the St. John Angel Network -- a coalition of nonprofit organizations working in coordination with volunteers, donors and other resources – can play a part in St. John's road to recovery.
To support the Angel Network’s relief efforts in St. John, please donate on our website.

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