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Support the efforts to increase the capability of partner agencies and organizations, and develops resources and tools to support the preparedness efforts of states and communities for disaster recovery before a disaster, as well as tools and resources for planning, managing and implementing recovery post-disaster.

Community & Infrastructure Planning Updates:

Community & Infrastructure Planning Work Group Meeting

Vision for Transportation of St.John in the future.  In wanting to move forward with one group, this is how I would like to proceed, with the aid of the government and private sectors.  The overall desire would be to have total transparency of governmental agencies, so that we can all better plan our futures. 

Meetings are every Wednesday at 10am on the top floor of the Marketplace.

Infrastructure Meeting Notes

Infrastructure Work Group of the Long Term Recovery Team notes: Initial Infrastructure meetings included 2 sessions in which we looked at the 16 sectors of critical infrastructure and tailored it to areas of focus for this committee. We reviewed the FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework for Infrastructure Systems and Recovery Support Function overview, as well as the Community Planning and Capacity Building Recovery Support Function. We also discussed the need for St. John Asset Mapping (Community asset mapping is a process where participants make a map or inventory of the resources, skills and talents of individuals, associations and organisations. A map or inventory of the resources, skills and talents of individuals, associations and organisations is to be made where we will discover and assemble the links. Asset mapping provides information about the strengths and resources of a community and can help uncover solutions. Once community strengths and resources are inventoried and depicted in a map, we can more easily think about how to build on these assets to address community needs and improve health. This will also clarify others who need to be at the table for these discussions. )


The group meetings included Sharon Coldren (CBCC), Mae Agna, Tyronne Reid, Elain Estern, Jennifer Rittenhouse Pruss (STJ Rescue), Pam Gaffin,Celia Kalousek, Kimberly Grisham, Jonathan Halfon - (also invited to the table but unable to attend Leona Smith, Jason Monigold, Rob Tutton, Leslie Smith, Rob Crane, Mathew Gyuraki, Camille Paris; we are hoping to also get input from local engineers, DPW, PA, WAPA, VIYA, DOH, Dept Ag, WMA, VIPD/Fire, etc. as well as Steve DeBlasio, Steve Black and other interested community members – all welcome!)




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