Volunteer Management

Coordinates volunteers, both affiliated and spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers in order to fully utilize available volunteer resources.

Volunteer Management Updates:

Volunteer Management Mission Statement

Volunteer Management Work Group


1.Chair-Cory Emerson

2.Vice Chair-Nathan Visel

3.Admin-Stephanie Hammett

4.Lisbeth Boger

5.Communications-Rachel Rachfal

6.Michelle Cawthorn

7.Rachel Rachfal

8.Kimberly Grisham

9.Jennifer Rittenhouse Pruss

10. Veronica Pozas


Mission Statement:

The Recovery Team's Volunteer Management Work Group will work in partnership with volunteers and the organizations providing disaster relief on St. John. The work group will match skill sets of volunteers with work project needs. The end goal being the rehabilitation of the community by providing resources and mobilizing a voluntary workforce dedicated to recovery, rebuilding, and achieving a new normal.



Volunteer Management Minutes 12-19






Volunteer Directory

We are currently compiling a list of agencies and non-profits that need your help. If you are traveling to St. John and looking to help with our recovery please contact one of the agencies listed below. Please keep in mind that communication is still very difficult on St. John with land lines still not functioning and internet not available in all locations. If you are an agency or non-profit in need of volunteers - please email the Volunteer Management volunteer@stjangels.ngo

Get Trashed St. John

Get Trashed ​St. John ​works hard organizing beach clean up days and other clean ups on our island.

St. John School of the Arts School

The St. John School of the Arts is accepting volunteers to help with their concert series and more.

Gifft Hill School

The Gifft Hill School is accepting volunteers for a number of positions including clean up projects and more. Please contact the Gifft Hill School directly.

Animal Care Center of St. John

The ACC is always accepting volunteers from special projects to dog walkers. All animal lovers welcome!

Friends of Virgin Islands National Park

Leading programs like beach clean up days, trail maintenance, restoring cultural sites and much more, the Friends of Virgin Islands National Park has a long history of supporting our National Park.

Red Cross on St. Thomas

The Red Cross is accepting volunteers. Please contact their office on St.Thomas

Volunteer Response News

Season's greetings and many thanks for your continued interest in volunteering on St. John! 

 We kicked off the season of giving and celebrated the official end of hurricane season on November 30th with a packed house at our second Long Term Recovery Team (LTRT) meeting. St. John is thankful for the progress of the recovery effort, for all the support extended to our island, and that we could come together in gratitude and provide Thanksgiving dinner to the whole community as we hosted our deployed responders for the holiday.

 It is our pleasure to announce that the LTRT Volunteer Coordination Work Group has formed and held its first meeting last week. We are excited to work with the stjAngels in the Angel Network of nonprofit organizations dedicated to St. John's recovery to identify volunteer project needs. We will soon be matching volunteers to projects according to skills, interests, and scheduling considerations. We look forward to working with you and are deeply appreciative of your support. The goal of recovery is to bring a community back to a new normal after it has been devastated by a disaster and we are indebted to your commitment in helping us get there. We are fortunate to have those who share our love for our island to come work beside us in tending to its restoration.



Volunteer Management Minutes 12-14




12/13/17 & 12/14/17



Team Meeting: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 5 P.M. Marketplace Office Suite 201

Team Leader Meeting: Thursday, December 21,  2017 Marketplace Office Suite 201

Community Meeting: Thursday, December 8, 2017 5 P.M. Marketplace Office Suite 201




Tuesday, December 13, 2017

5:00-7:15 p.m.

1.Chair-Cory Emerson

2.Michelle Cawthorn

3.Rachel Rachfal

4.Admin-Stephanie Hammett

5.Kimberly Grisham

6.Jennifer Rittenhouse Pruss

7.Vice Chair-Nathan Visel

8.Celia Kalousek

9.John (St. John Community Foundation)


Wednesday, December 14, 2017 10:00-11:15 a.m.

1.Lead-Cory Emerson

2.Lisbeth Boger

3.Rachel Rachfal

4.Stephanie Hammett

5.Abigail Hendricks

6.Kimberly Grisham

7.Charisma Hypolite

8.Nathan Visel

9.Jay Garr

10.Celia Kalousek

11.John (St. John Community Foundation)



-To facilitate the coordination of volunteers looking for opportunities on island with organizations that need volunteer help.

-Keep a current list of volunteer needs & wish list items on the Angel Network.

-Prioritize immediate needs of the community.

-Ensure the volunteers/organizations are qualified/reputable and safe.

-Have adequate and safe accommodations that can be referred to the volunteer so they can choose something that meets their needs.

-Utilize a tiered system in which volunteers receive prizes/awards for the progress they make.

-Have all group members trained on Razors Edge (Volunteer/Donor software program)

-Keep an updated multi-purpose calendar for volunteer opportunities and events.

-Maintain relationships with other groups to aide each other in our missions.

-Reach out to all local agencies and nonprofit to introduce ourselves and assess needs.

-Focus to keep projects on hand for large groups.

-Make it attractive for national volunteer organizations.

-Separate needs from volunteers; determine what/where they’d be willing to do/stay.



-FEMA Cost sharing-FEMA will pay 90% and volunteer hours can go towards 10%

-Some Colleges offer an alternative spring break for volunteer opportunities.

-Caneel may have large spaces to house volunteers after current “tenants” leave.

-Prizes can come with free puppies and kittens from the ACC.

-Rachel has contacted rotary lawyer to make sure we have proper documentation.


-Create a mission statement.

-Contact organizations to find out:

        Who can accept volunteers?

        Can they offer housing?

        What type of work is needed?

        How many?


(Rachel has sent inital email. Group members will contact their assigned organizations to follow up.  Listed Below)

-Create/update specialized list of possible accommodations

-Contact local businesses to start building relationships to offer discounts/giveaways, etc.

-Contact Pastor Jon-Freshwater Church (703) 328-2723 He has biweekly volunteers on hand ready to work.

-Create wording for accommodation announcements (Michelle Cawthorn)

-Focus on the language for contracting projects for volunteer coordination (Nathan Visel)

-Set up group email w/ St. John Angels (John?)

-Kathy needs a letter from volunteer work group asking if housing can be available through tax deduction or at a discounted rate. (Contact Kristen?)



-Sell benefit tickets for donor benefit dinner to support funding for Volunteer Management work group.


GROUP MEMBERS: Organizations to be contacted

Lisbeth Boger:

  • Bloomberg USVI Recovery
  • Love City Strong
  • Love for Love City

Kimberly Grisham

  • American Red Cross St. John

Michelle Cawthorn

  • Animal Care Center
  • Love City Pan Dragons

Nathan Visel

  • Dept. of Agriculture
  • Wounded Warriors

Celia Kalousek

  • Dial A Ride

Cory Emerson

  • Get Trashed
  • Island Green Living Association
  • KATS
  • Sports, Parks & Recreation
  • STJ Revolving Fund

Stephanie Hammett

  • Island Health & Wellness
  • STJ Cancer Fund
  • STJ Rescue
  • STJ School of the Arts

Kristen Cox

  • STJ Accomodations Council

Jennifer Rittenhouse Pruss



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